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“From Zero Marketing Skills And Near Zero Growth To Executing 23 Revenue-Generating Marketing Efforts In Under 90 Days”

Posted On October 1st, 2018
Steven John

Steven John,
Sagari, Ltd.

My Excuses Were Piling Up As Much As My Debt

I wasn’t like many of Robin’s clients who order the Toolkit and then plop it on a shelf. I read it thoroughly cover to cover. But a funny thing happens when you simply READ the Toolkit but don’t IMPLEMENT its contents: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Eventually, the Toolkit started gathering dust. I even stopped reading Robin’s newsletters. For some reason, I felt I already knew it all. Believe me, I had a pile of excuses why the program wouldn’t work for me. Excuse #1: American marketing doesn’t work in the UK. Excuse #2: This type of marketing is too cheesy. Truth: My excuses were simply a way to cover up my OWN fears around something I didn’t understand — sales and marketing. History had already demonstrated clearly that I wasn’t good at marketing!

Then, about a year ago, my business had suffered some serious problems with staff, suppliers and myself, so it meant something drastic had to change. Around that time, one of Robin’s lumpy mail offers caught my attention again. It was an invitation to Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

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“New Clients Providing $153,103 In New Revenue – All In Just 90 Days!”

Posted On September 1st, 2018
Sheryl Cherico

Sheryl Cherico,

I Know What I Am. I Know What I Am Not.

I’m a tech at heart. I’m NOT a marketer. My background has been in the field, supporting medical offices since 1979. I began my own business in 2005 and was crystal clear on my target market from day one: medical practices in the Atlanta area. I grew my business on referrals and existing relationships but after 12 years, the growth stalled. I knew the opportunity was there but had NO CLUE how to get it.

“Self-Belief And Hard Work Will ALWAYS Earn You Success.” LIAR.

I’m a workhorse and everyone on my team contributes to rowing our boat in sync as fast as humanly possible. But we were missing a clear direction and goal. For years, we continued our haphazard “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” marketing approach. Spoiler Alert: It never stuck. Read full article and comment →

“Our MRR Is Up 27% And Sales Are Up 85% Compared To This Time Last Year!”

Posted On August 1st, 2018

Tom Breuer,
Computer Magic

I’m A Huge Skeptic About Robin (Or At Least I Was)

I love order in my life. I’m very analytical and pride myself on running a professional business with a “get it done right the first time” mantra. This probably comes from years working on computer networks where order is inherent in the design of a well-run system. Whatever it might be, I’ve always related to my more analytical side.

That was until the day Robin told me to put a crisp dollar bill in the mail.

I’ll admit that going into this program I was dubious, skeptical and thought maybe the tactics and techniques were useless gimmicks akin to snake-oil salesmen setting up their tents in the town square.

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“Our First Marketing Campaign Generated One Lead, 8 Testimonials And Saved Our Oldest Client From Leaving”

Posted On July 1st, 2018
Tom Blandford

Tom Blandford,
eTrepid, Inc.

I Had Peaked At $340,000 In Annual Revenue

The year was 2009. After 10 years in business, my break-fix IT business had peaked at $340,000 in gross revenue. The rollercoaster of waiting for something to break so I could go fix it was exhausting. Something had to change, and that’s when I finally made the decision to go all in on managed services, launching a new company, eTrepid, and setting a goal to reach the $5 million mark within five years.

When I say “all in” on managed services, I really mean “all in.” For my employees AND clients, there was no choice. If they wanted to stay with me, they had to make the leap. This decision cost me a few clients AND a stubborn employee. And my revenue actually DROPPED to $240,000 my first year as an MSP. Things had to get a bit worse before they got better. In year two as an MSP, we nearly tripled to $730,000, and in year three, with the help of my first salesperson, we nearly hit the million-dollar mark. We were on our way! Read full article and comment →

“We Tripled Our Bottom Line In One Year!”

Posted On June 1st, 2018
Eric and Lisa Shorr

Eric and Lisa Shorr,
Secure Future Tech Solutions

There is an old saying: “You never just marry the person. You marry the mother, father, siblings …” What I did not realize is that, along with Eric, I married his fledgling business, PC Troubleshooters too. The “three” of us have lived in wedded bliss – well, sort of – for nearly two decades! But after slow, consistent growth for years, it came to a screeching halt. We were stagnant… until we found Technology Marketing Toolkit and changed our mindset.

A Marketer And A Tech – A Match Made In Heaven?

Lisa’s story: Marketing and branding are in my blood. My grandmother sold ladies’ skin-care and cosmetics. My grandfather sold men’s suits. While making the sale, he would talk about the skin-care products his wife sold (a great joint venture deal!).

My first job post-college was selling books at Houghton Mifflin in Boston. I got the job with that publisher because I told my prospective employer, “I want to work trade shows!” I was hired, and off to trade shows I went!

Then, one day, my good friend fixed me up with a young Rhode Island boy named Eric… Read full article and comment →