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By Finally Embracing Marketing, This Natural-Born Salesperson Added $75,000 In New Monthly Recurring Revenue By Conducting 32 Total Quarterly Business Reviews In Just Seven Months

Posted On February 1st, 2020
Mike Ritsema | Genius of the Month | This Salesperson Added $75,000 In New Monthly Recurring Revenue | Technology Marketing Toolkit

Mike Ritsema,
i3 Business Solutions

“I Can Fix Any Problem With More Sales”

i3 Business Solutions began in the Grand Rapids area in 2004 from a series of mergers of IBM business partner firms. A few years later, the Great Recession hit Michigan like a nuclear bomb. Instantly, the unemployment rate climbed to 18% in our area while the manufacturing and distribution industries – our target market – were in freefall. Suddenly, we were forced to transform our business dramatically and step on the accelerator of managed services.

Most of Robin’s members are technicians and engineers. That’s not me. I’ve been a diehard salesperson for 25 years. I have always believed that sales drive the engine. I jokingly tell people, “I can fix any problem with more sales.” (Hmmm, maybe that’s why techs don’t always get along with salespeople.) Read full article and comment →

After 2 Marketing Workshops And One Giant Mindset Shift, We Grew Our Business By 50% By Adding $500,000 In Just One Year!

Posted On January 1st, 2020
Brandis Kelly

Brandis Kelly,
The Technology Specialist

Marketing? What’s That?

Taking a page from the success stories of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Shayne Yonce and Steve Lee started the Technology Specialist in Wichita, Kansas, out of a garage in 2007. I joined the team in 2016 as the Director of Operations and have handled pretty much everything except tech work. For well over a decade, our marketing budget has been nonexistent. Before discovering Robin, we certainly never sat down and discussed how we could grow INTENTIONALLY rather than by the grace of God.

Our website was created by a “friend” for practically nothing, and that’s just about what it delivered – nothing. One day we got a wild hair and ran a single ad in a business journal. For our $12,000 ad, we didn’t get a single lead. ZERO ROI! No wonder we avoided marketing! As a result of no marketing and no direction, there were clear struggles. I remember several times when we had to chase down a client just so we could make payroll. In fact, Shayne and I had to hold our paychecks more times than I care to admit. Stuck in a rut, we could not pass the $1M mark for the last several years. Read full article and comment →

I Laughed When They Said My $500K Company Could Break $3 MILLION… Then I Sold $467,893 In New Contracts In Just 90 Days!

Posted On December 1st, 2019
Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer,
911 IT

Same Plan, Same Results For 10+ Years

I started my IT business about 15 years ago while in college, simply as a way to help pay for tuition. Like any business owner, I had dreams of becoming a good-sized company, getting great clients and living the good life. But, for years, I struggled with all aspects of running my business. Operations. Sales. Marketing. I knew IT, but I didn’t know how to grow my business.

Not long ago, we worked with a business coach who helped us get our operations, tech and sales sides of the business working well. This same coach told us we could be a $3 million company inside of three years. I laughed out loud! We hadn’t even hit a HALF million at that point.

How could we reach $3M when we still didn’t know how to get leads to generate new business? As a result, we’ve been stuck at the same size for over 10 years now. We tried our hand at marketing over the years, but the only thing we had to show for it was a colossal pile of FAILURES and thousands in wasted dollars. Last year, we even hired someone who probably called over 1,000 people. Those 1,000 calls resulted in ONE meeting with someone who was NOT even qualified. Yes, we survived strictly on word of mouth until… Read full article and comment →

After Ignoring Marketing For A DECADE And Using Robin’s Toolkit As A FOOTREST, We Added $329,701 In NEW REVENUE!

Posted On November 1st, 2019
Ray Coffin

Ray Coffin,
All-Access Infotech, LLC

“Oh $h!t, What Were We Thinking?”

Running our business for 10 years, we survived without any marketing. Being strictly word-of-mouth, we were more than happy to take any new client that came along. One day it finally hit us that our business plan of “winging it” only produced sporadic and slow growth.

So, we did what so many other MSPs have done when business slowed. We bought the Toolkit, immediately opened it, glanced at the material and quickly closed it. In our case, we did put the Toolkit to good use…as a FOOTREST under the desk.

While the Toolkit remained closed, our minds were open to change. So, we went to Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow. After being thoroughly impressed with everything we were hearing, we were confidently ready to join Accelerators Club. Well, “confidently” might be exaggerating a bit, because we were wondering how we would justify the costs, where we would find the extra time to finally start marketing and questioning which one of us would take charge to get the work done. Read full article and comment →

From The Slums Of São Paulo, Brazil, To A 118% Increase In Net Profit And 280% Increase In MRR In One Year!

Posted On October 28th, 2019
Claudia Aguilar

Claudia Aguilar,
Gímel Tecnologia

Our Ship Was Sinking

We struggled for years with no monthly recurring revenue because we were primarily selling hardware and software. Sure, we WANTED and NEEDED recurring revenue, but we had no clue HOW to get there. Plus, we had no technical people in our company to start doing service work. We were willing to start from scratch, but how? With every new month, another employee was leaving. As our name in the market kept declining, we found it more and more difficult to hire people.

Unfortunately, we made the mistakes that too many business owners make by believing that salespeople will fix all problems. For the company to survive, we assumed we had to hire expensive salespeople. They’re expensive because they sell a ton, right? NO! Hiring these salespeople was our worst decision ever! They didn’t even make enough to pay their salaries! Read full article and comment →

How A Former Farm Boy Grew Revenue By $1.5 MILLION and Profits By $167,500 All In ONE YEAR!

Posted On October 28th, 2019
Bruce McCully

Bruce McCully,
Dynamic Edge, Inc.

They Said I Would Probably Be A Bus Driver – I Had Other Plans

Growing up, I knew I didn’t quite fit in. Living on a small farm in the economically depressed area of rural northern Michigan meant extra-special fun. Some mornings I got to sling sh!t. Other mornings it was splitting wood, milking cows or other thankless chores. While I have tremendous respect for the hard work farmers endure (and I really love a good steak), I realized early on that this manure-slinging life just wasn’t for me.

Sure, we had our setbacks. Our family didn’t have much money, and I was diagnosed at an early age with dyslexia. My guidance counselor actually told my mom I’d probably only amount to being a bus driver. I’m sure thankful my mom was my advocate and champion and encouraged me to find my passion – computers. Read full article and comment →

By Making More In Just 3 Months Than We Did In 6 Full Months Last Year, We Are Transforming From A “Job” To A Business!

Posted On October 18th, 2019
Fred Holzsager

Fred Holzsager,
Holzsager Technology Services, LLC

Robin Did What 2 Previous Coaches Could Not

Hungry to grow, we hired two different computer consulting coaches. Neither of them ever introduced us to a way to actually grow our business. Then we met Robin Robins. She demonstrated how to use her sales and marketing system to generate leads, sales and new revenue. Plus, we spoke with other IT services providers who were effectively using Robin’s methods to grow their businesses.

Last year was a year of change for us. At the Producers Club meeting, we gained the knowledge and confidence to move our business into the cloud. This was a decision we had been wrestling with since Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey and forced us to close our offices for nearly two weeks. We felt that by “eating our own dog food,” we could present a stronger argument for our clients to reasonably consider cloud as a viable option. Read full article and comment →

Even After Losing 3 Clients Worth $30K In MRR And Nearly HALF Of My Employees, We Still Came Out AHEAD, Thanks To Robin’s Marketing!

Posted On October 18th, 2019
Mike Clemmons

Mike Clemmons,
Bytecafe Consulting

When It Rains, It POURS!

The day I arrived in Nashville for Robin Robins’ Boot Camp, I found out we were losing our largest client. A couple of months later, we lost another sizable client. Then another. To put this massive loss of revenue in perspective, a year earlier, these three clients represented nearly $500,000 in revenue and over $30,000 a month in recurring revenue. That was nearly ONE-THIRD of our total revenue…GONE! We started our year at $95,000 in MRR and watched as it quickly plummeted to $68,000.

And the hits just kept on coming… Our service coordinator knocked on my door and asked if she could talk with me. She came in and closed the door. I knew what that meant: she put in her notice. If this had been the only employee I lost, no big deal. However, over the next three weeks, I had one employee come in each week and resign. I ended up also losing my marketing manager, my account manager and one of the best techs I ever had. In total, I lost 44% of my employees at one of the WORST possible times! Read full article and comment →