What You Need To Do NOW To Educate Your Clients About Cloud Computing

Posted On July 27th, 2011

Well, the “cloud computing” fever is hitting a peak as more and more MSPs are jumping on the bandwagon. Apparently the Office 365 release is causing a number of businesses to ask their IT company, “What the heck is cloud computing?”

At a minimum, you need to be talking to your clients about what cloud computing is, and how (or if) it can help their business—even if you aren’t offering a full- blown cloud solution yet. Hear me loud and clear: If you don’t take steps to educate your clients and at least TALK to them about what’s going on, you risk losing them to a competitor who WILL. That’s not to say you have to have a solution ready for them to buy right now—although in some cases, you will have clients who want it and want it NOW. But at a minimum you should be acting like a reporter—investigating the pros and cons and separating the hype from the facts to deliver a well-researched, professional opinion. Don’t forget, that’s a HUGE part of the value you bring to your clients. Read full article and comment →