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Robin Robins is the leading MSP marketing and IT sales consultant — helping more than 8,000 IT services firms double and triple sales, profits and monthly recurring revenue.

All programs listed below offer a 1-year money-back guarantee: If the program doesn’t provide more value than you paid, simply return it for a full refund.

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Do you run a small or mid-sized IT services firm? Are you struggling with IT lead generation and sales but can’t spend a small fortune on MSP marketing? Then this program is for you.

The Technology Marketing Toolkit is a step-by-step marketing-system for IT consultants, VARs, MSPs and IT solutions providers. Inside you’ll find the most comprehensive library of effective IT services marketing tools and campaigns tested by hundreds of MSPs.

This Program Provides Instant Access To:

  • MSP marketing campaigns and strategies
  • IT services sales letters
  • Ads
  • Sales scripts
  • Website content
  • Newsletter strategies
  • Email campaigns
  • Postcards

We guarantee you’ll attract more, better-quality leads and clients, increase your profits and get a handle on MSP marketing — or you don’t pay a dime.

If you want to learn a proven, field-tested way to launch and sell managed services to new AND existing clients, start here.

This audio-based training course walks you

through developing a highly effective managed services marketing system. The program has already helped dozens of clients go from break-fix to over $1 million in managed services contracts in under six months.

This MSP Marketing Training Course Gives You:

  • Templates to price, package and name your managed services offering
  • Detailed marketing campaigns to promote your IT services to new and existing clients
  • A complete step-by-step MSP sales presentation, newsletter, referral and case study strategies
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding marketing managed services

Discover how to effectively sell managed services and collaborate with like-minded MSPs to transform IT lead generation and sales for your firm.

Does your IT services firm struggle with price resistance, sales stalls and closing deals quickly? Do you want a gimmick-free way to sell managed services and become a trusted IT authority? Then this program is for you.

This comprehensive MSP sales process STARTS with how you position yourself and uses a straightforward, honest approach to helping clients.

This MSP Sales Program Gives You:

  • The most critical factor to closing managed services contracts
  • IT sales presentation blueprint
  • A roadmap to create a self-sustaining IT sales process
  • The most powerful way to eliminate sales objections BEFORE they come up
  • IT compensation strategies
  • Templates to interview potential salespeople
  • Tools and strategies for managing salespeople and running IT sales meetings

Scaling out your MSP sales team and process will dramatically improve your close rate and profitability. Learn proven IT sales strategies from successful MSPs to automate IT sales and boost monthly recurring revenue.

Off-site backup and disaster recovery is a MULTIBILLION-dollar industry. Hundreds of IT businesses are cashing in on the demand for security, backup and disaster recovery services.

Bottom line: If you aren’t selling off-site backup and disaster recovery services to your clients, you’re missing out on a HUGE piece of recurring revenue. This training course removes the guesswork of selling disaster recovery services to your clients.

This Backup and Disaster Recovery Marketing System Gives You:                                          

  • DR sales strategies
  • Checklists
  • Backup and disaster recovery sales scripts
  • Backup and disaster recovery marketing campaigns
  • IT seminar marketing systems
  • Emails to promote disaster recovery services to new and existing clients

Clients using this system have already generated $36,750 to $223,500 in a single afternoon, using only the lunch-and-learn system included in this training course.

Hosting in-person seminars and webinars is a powerful way to build rapport and close IT services sales faster. But where do you begin?

This effective, repeatable marketing system will help you attract and close more high-quality prospects through IT webinars and seminars. In just two hours, you’ll learn how to promote and hold successful, lucrative MSP events to sell managed services.

I’ve spent more than 10 years running IT webinars and seminars for thousands of MSPs. In this training, I’ve compiled every resource you’ll need to hold inexpensive yet lucrative MSP webinars and seminars.

This MSP Marketing Plan Helps You:

  • Document goals and success metrics for your IT webinar or seminar
  • Define your ideal target market
  • Differentiate your IT services and effectively communicate your value
  • Create your presentation and deliver the IT seminar content
  • Market your MSP event
  • Plan all seminar and webinar logistics

In-person MSP events set your IT services firm apart from competitors and give you valuable facetime with IT leads. Try the program today for a complete roadmap to organizing and executing your next IT webinar or seminar.

Supporting client networks and data without a signed MSP contract — or the wrong one — puts your IT services firm at risk of a frivolous and devastating lawsuit. But IT legal counsel is expensive and out of reach for many MSPs.

The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack provides guidelines and templates for managed services contracts. In this training, you’ll also learn how to use contracts to close managed services sales faster, avoid confusion about deliverables and command greater respect from your clients.

This MSP Contract Training Covers How To:

  • Sell managed services to increase monthly recurring revenue
  • Protect your IT services firm from lawsuits
  • Establish more trust and authority with your IT services clients
  • Close IT sales faster
  • Become well-versed in critical legal IT speak
  • Shorten the IT services sales, delivery and payment process
  • Clarify what’s covered in your managed services deliverables

Every managed services provider and IT services firm should safeguard against costly and potentially damaging lawsuits. Enroll today to access training from top IT legal counsel.