Here’s Our Complete List Of Courses, Programs And Tools To Help Increase IT Sales, Secure Higher-Paying Clients, Sell Managed Services And Profitably Grow Your Technology Service Business

The Technology Marketing Toolkit is a complete step-by-step marketing-system-in-a-box for IT consultants, VARs, MSPs and solution providers. Inside you will find the most comprehensive training course and library of fill-in-the-blank marketing campaigns, strategies, sales letters, ads, sales scripts, website content, newsletter strategies, e-mail campaigns and postcards that are extremely effective, inexpensive to implement and guaranteed to work.

If you are a small to medium IT business owner who doesn’t have a marketing system in place and you are struggling to find ways to increase sales without spending a small fortune on marketing, this training course and these tools are exactly what you have been looking for. We guarantee that you will attract more (and better-quality) clients, increase your profits and finally get a handle on the marketing of your business or you don’t pay a dime.

If you want to learn a proven, field-tested way to launch your managed services program to existing clients AND new ones, start here. This audio-based training course will walk you step-by-step through developing a highly effective managed services marketing system that has already helped dozens of my clients go from break-fix to over $1 million in managed service contracts in under six months. This MSP training course gives you templates to help you price, package and name your managed services offering, detailed marketing campaigns to promote it to new and existing clients, a complete step-by-step sales presentation, newsletter, referral and case study strategies, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding marketing a managed services offering. This is the only online IT sales training information you will need to learn how to sell managed services effectively in your business.

When selling IT services, do you struggle with price resistance, sales stalls, prospects not seeing the value of what you do and getting deals closed quickly? Do you want a non-manipulative way to get prospects to buy that doesn’t require sales “tricks,” groveling, discounting or other embarrassing tactics? Then this program is for you. This comprehensive, step-by-step sales process is unlike ANY sales training you’ve ever experienced because it STARTS with how you position yourself from the beginning, and uses a straightforward, direct and non-manipulative approach to helping clients.

Here’s What This Program Gives You:

  • The single most important element to closing a sale – and why most salespeople DON’T have it, and how you can GET IT.
  • A complete sales presentation blueprint, from start to finish, that will enable you to close the maximum number of prospects without discounting, sales games or a lot of “convincing.”
  • How to create a sales SYSTEM and process that will eliminate your dependency on finding, hiring and keeping TOP salespeople who are extremely rare and hard to find.
  • The single most powerful way to eliminate objections BEFORE they are voiced by your prospects, and an extremely elegant way to handle the few that will come up.
  • How to appropriately compensate salespeople to drive performance.
  • How to interview potential salespeople – including specific questions to ask and other steps to take in the interview – that will reveal whether or not they’ll actually perform once you hire them.
  • How to manage salespeople and run sales meetings to maximize performance (you should know that I’ve built a $10 million business with 2 salespeople and, only recently, one telemarketer).

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you KNOW that backup and disaster recovery is an extremely HOT item right now for all businesses, large and small. Off-site backup and disaster recovery is a MULTIBILLION-dollar industry, and there are hundreds of IT businesses who are cashing in right now on the incredible demand in the marketplace for security, backup and disaster recovery services.

Bottom line: if you aren’t selling off-site backup and disaster recovery services to your clients, you are missing out on a HUGE piece of recurring revenue – and this training course is designed to take all the guesswork out of selling it to your clients.

Inside are the exact strategies, checklists, scripts, marketing campaigns, seminar marketing systems and e-mails to promote this to new and existing customers. Clients using this system and these tools have already generated $36,750 to $223,500 in a single afternoon, using only the lunch-and-learn system included in this training course.

If you are a MSP or IT consulting firm that wants a highly effective, repeatable marketing system to attract and close more high-quality prospects, this program is ideal for you. This program takes all the guesswork out of promoting and holding successful and extremely lucrative seminars and webinars to sell IT services.

You’ll Get INSTANT Access To The Following Templates, Tools And Training When You Enroll:

  • COMPLETE  Cloud Seminar Marketing Kit that includes a done-for-you PowerPoint presentation and a complete set of “cut and paste” marketing templates to fill your event with qualified prospects including a registration web page template, e-mail campaigns, direct mail promotions and a telemarketing script.
  • COMPLETE Backup And Disaster Recovery Marketing Kit that includes a done-for-you PowerPoint presentation and a complete set of “cut and paste” marketing templates to fill your event with qualified prospects including a registration web page template, e-mail campaigns, direct mail promotions and a telemarketing script.
  • COMPLETE Seminar On Mobile Computing, Security And Cloud Computing, which is an EXTREMELY hot topic right now. With so many companies wanting to use smartphones, tablets and iPads to work, you’re in an ideal situation to sell them cloud computing, mobile security and network upgrades. This also includes a PowerPoint presentation and complete set of “cut and paste” marketing templates to fill the room with qualified prospects.

If you are supporting your clients’ networks and confidential data without a signed contract – or using the WRONG contract – you are putting yourself at enormous risk! Our Ultimate MSP Contract Pack will not only give you field-tested managed services contracts, but ALSO MSP training on how to use them to close sales faster and avoid client confusion about what you are delivering under your MSP program.

This MSP training program will give you the exact forms, templates and training to:

  • Learn how to sell managed services to drastically increase your monthly recurring revenue.
  • Drastically reduce your chances of getting burned with a frivolous (and devastating) lawsuit because of the enormous liability that is naturally assumed when you have access to and support your clients’ critical data and operations.
  • Help you instantly establish a higher level of trust, professionalism and authority with your clients and prospects.
  • Close sales faster and easier by eliminating the client’s fear of contracts.
  • Help you clarify exactly what is – and isn’t – covered under your managed services program.
  • Protect you from getting sued for faulty third-party hardware and software that you installed.
  • Teach you seven critical legal terms you need to know and use in every single client and vendor engagement to avoid getting burned.
  • Explain confusing contract language (legalese) in simple terms so you aren’t uncomfortable or embarrassed in an important client or vendor meeting.
  • Shorten the time between the signing of your agreement and the delivery (and payment) of services.
  • Help you clarify the deliverables of your managed services program in the client’s mind to avoid disappointments, misunderstandings, arguments and, ultimately, disgruntled clients.