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How To Get Two Of The Most Critical Marketing Campaigns You Need Done-For-You By Robin

Let Robin Eliminate The Hard Work, Time And Guesswork Of Doing Your Own Web Site And Monthly Newsletter

Done-For-You Newsletter Service

You know you need drip marketing to stay in touch with your clients, position you as the expert and drive more leads and referrals. But the thought of finding the TIME to get this done stops you in your tracks. No longer! We have made it quick and easy for you to get your newsletter out the door – in only minutes per month.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Enroll in this membership and use the newsletter service for 90 days. If you aren't thrilled with the service — for ANY reason - you can cancel and we'll refund 100% Of what you paid us. PLUS: You can cancel anytime; there's no long-term commitment.

NO Setup Fees. NO Contracts. NO Fine Print.

Here's What You'll Get When You Outsource Your Newsletter To Us:

  • INCLUDES an Apprentice Club Membership and access to all Apprentice Club benefits including the monthly live Q&A call with Robin, the Marketing Strategy Brief, the "Marketing Deep Dive" monthly live webinar with Robin and the monthly "Peer Marketing Blueprint" sessions.
  • A custom, professionally designed 4-page newsletter delivered to you every month with your logo and branding.
  • New articles produced every month written with 3 proven emotional triggers for selling more IT services.
  • New content every month, including direct response offers to provide value to your clients and other devices that encourage clients and prospects to read your newsletter each month.
  • A NEW monthly TechTip postcard drip campaign you can send out via direct mail or e-mail to stay top-of-mind with prospects so they think of YOU when they are ready to buy.
  • Access to our Direct Marketing System Portal that allows you to customize, download, print and mail a monthly newsletter and TechTip postcards in minutes with only a few clicks. This system also allows you to download your newsletter in a high-resolution PDF format for printing on your own, posting online or distributing in any manner you like.
  • A new, monthly done-for-you TEASER e-mail campaign you can send out tied to two of the articles to drive leads to your blog, Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn Group, etc.
  • Robin's Newsletter Marketing System training that shows you the RIGHT way to send newsletters and drip campaigns to fuel referrals, cross-sell services and convert prospects to buyers.

Have Questions About Our Done-For-You Newsletter Services?

Visit the Done-For-You Newsletter Overview Page to see answers to our most common questions.

Done-For-You Website Service

"This IT Company Must Be Small And Incompetent."

When a potential prospect comes to your web site, in a fraction of a second, they will make a snap judgment based on what they see. No matter how experienced, capable and reliable you are, an outdated, amateurish-looking web site is sure to give an unfavorable impression, repelling not only would-be clients, but also referrals, the media and even potential employees. Even "professional"-looking web sites with beautifully designed banners and rotating images can send the wrong message, causing you to miss out on hundreds of opportunities.

If you're NOT seeing a lot of leads or activity from your web site, chances are you're making a bad first impression; or you may simply be confusing prospects, causing them to believe you CAN'T help them, pushing them to call your competition.

That's why we started offering "Robinized" done-for-you web sites for our clients. You may be competent and provide great service, but if your web site is confusing or lacking critical marketing elements (and almost all are), you will find it extremely difficult to get ANY of your marketing campaigns to work – even referrals. That's because the FIRST place ANY prospect goes to when they hear about you is your web site.

Here's What You'll Get When You Outsource Your Web Design To Us:

  • A PROVEN, done-for-you "Robinized" web site that is guaranteed to make a FAVORABLE first impression, causing more prospects and visitors to actually pick up the phone and call you for an appointment. This design will be customized to YOUR company brand.
  • Unlimited web pages and design changes with unique copy that won't be seen by Google as "duplicate" content.
  • Robin's team will "hold your hand" and walk you through creating web site copy and content that will CONVERT more visitors into paying clients.
  • 25 landing-page templates you can use for various online promotions, e-mail campaigns, newsletters, seminars and webinars, etc., PLUS a NEW one delivered to you every month!
  • Free setup of Google Analytics and basic SEO (search engine optimization).

Enroll In The Monthly Done-For-You Services And You'll Also Receive:

  • A monthly e-mail newsletter and landing page done for you.

Have Questions About Our Done-For-You Website Services?

Visit the Done-For-You Website Overview Page to see answers to our most common questions.

Ellen Bailey, Asset Business Computing, LLC
"It Was Life-Changing!"
"I was in over my head. There were not enough hours in the day, or the wee hours of the morning, to write a whole newsletter monthly, an occasional blog or white paper, post newsletters and blogs on the website, create landing pages, and make sure that it all worked! I finally decided to subscribe to both the Done For You Website and Done For You Newsletter. It was life-changing! Jennifer Bleam worked with me to craft the message for the website. I occasionally have questions (even four months later) and Jennifer replies quickly to my occasional email. For anyone that wears too many hats at work, these Done For You services are a MUST!"
Ellen Bailey, Asset Business Computing, LLC
Tony Moraros, IT Total Care, Inc.
"Using The Service Has Saved Me A Ton Of Time!"
"I have been using Robin's Done-For-You newsletter program for about a year now. The staff is helpful and makes setup easy. Using the service has saved me a ton of time each month. It costs less than what my local vendor would charge to produce and is the "Robinized" content I want to use. I have been able to take my proven, successful marketing oil well and make it more efficient and cost-effective. If you want to use great content while saving time and money sending out your newsletter, I suggest you sign up for this program right away!"
Tony Moraros, IT Total Care, Inc.
Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions
"We've Generated Between 18 And 20 Referrals On Average Every Year!"
"Our very first newsletter generated 10 responses from clients who said they loved it! Since then we've gotten a number of new clients who bought BECAUSE we kept in touch by sending them a monthly newsletter. Plus we've generated between 18 and 20 referrals on average every year that were generated directly from our newsletter."
Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions
Mike Clemmons, ByteCafe Consulting
"I Generated Over $120,000 In New Sales"
"I generated over $120,000 in new sales and added three new clients as a direct result of sending a monthly newsletter. Robin's marketing strategies have changed the trajectory of our business in more ways than I can count."
Mike Clemmons, ByteCafe Consulting
Gloria Klug, Spectrum Technology Solutions
"We Closed 9 New Clients For A Total Of $6,000 In Up-Front Projects Plus $16,350 In New MRR"
"After sending the newsletter out for a year, we closed 9 new clients for a total of $6,000 in up-front projects plus $16,350 in new MRR for 12 months."
Gloria Klug, Spectrum Technology Solutions
Frank M. DeBenedetto, Two River Tech
"We Were Able To Add $3,200/Month To Our Recurring
Revenue Stream"
"One prospect who called us after receiving our newsletter led to a cloud deal with a financial services company. We were able to add $3,200/month to our recurring revenue stream – for just one client."
Frank M. DeBenedetto, Two River Technology Group
Aaron Zimmerman, TotalCare IT
"I Can Now Contribute $216,000 Of Revenue To Our
New Website!"
"It was nice to be able to instantly turn on a new marketing oil well that was already developed for us, but given our location (Eastern Idaho is a small market), I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough web traffic to see much in the way of results. I'm happy to report that, as I write this, I can contribute an additional $6,000 in MRR to our website. That represents $216,000 of revenue over the life of these new 36-month agreements!"
Aaron Zimmerman, TotalCare IT
Leia T Shilobod, InTech Solutions, Inc.
"My Hit Count Went Up 200%!"
"'Your website is your master sales letter. If your prospect doesn't land there and immediately think 'they get me' then you'll lose them.' These words from the mouth of Robin Robins convinced me that Robinizing my website was a necessity. That and past website performance in converting visitors (zilch). After I took Robin's recommendations and kept adding fresh content (courtesy of Robin), my hit count went up 200% and now I get 2-3 qualified leads per month from phone calls or special report downloads. The last lead I got is from a large manufacturer in our area with thousands of seats!"
Leia T Shilobod, InTech Solutions, Inc.
Martin Joseph, 360 IT Partners
"We Get 12-20 NEW Leads Every Month From Our
Website Alone!"
"Our Robinized website is by far our best lead-source. Typically, we get about 12-20 new leads every month just from our website alone!"
Martin Joseph, 360 IT Partners
Scott Beck, BeckTek
"We Consistently Get New Leads From Our
'Robinized' Website"
"Having our web site 'Robinized' has been fantastic for our business. Being able to start with a solid foundation has allowed us to upgrade the site faster than we expected. Our site truly portrays who we are as a company. Before using the Done-For-You Website, we generated exactly zero leads from our site. Now we're consistently getting new leads each and every month."
Scott Beck, BeckTek